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What a day

What a day
Jurg Gertsch - Thu Aug 27, 2009 @ 10:25AM
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In the morning I left this rather important box with precious research samples from the ETH in the train - I got out in Bern and the box went to Brig, then I open my Email and realize that an important grant application got rejected. Couple of hours later, ... the HPLC broke down. And finally, the Bern immigration office turned out to be a nightmare (in this particular case) and did not even answer the phone (after 10 minutes on the line). OK, I thought, let's be offensive. To motivate someone from SBB to look for the box I actually had to pay 50 Sfr. by credit card (and 1.10 Fr per minute, just to talk to them, 9.30 for the chat). To make this day perfect, I had to send Peter, our senior visiting scientist, up to Brig in order to get back the box ... hope he doesn't get lost in the mountains. Why did I leave that box in the train, I wonder? It's probably because you now have to store the big items below the seat as there isn't enough space above your head. OK, I was also reading a book, it was a sort of criminal stroy in an academic setting, a professor in Jerusalem got killed (if you are interested), but at the same time my box got lost ... looking out of the window in my office, I see a blue sky and Janine is fixing or trying to fix the HPLC - the pump is the problem this time, we just love HPLCs. What a day!

Comments: 2


1. Peter Taylor   |   Tue Sep 01, 2009 @ 12:57PM

Peter didn't get lost in the mountains - you can't get lost in Switzerland - it's too small and everything is perfectly signposted. It's just not possible. Jürg shouldn't beat himself up. Everybody forgets things. It's called being human and I'm strongly in favour of it. "To err is human."

2. Thomas   |   Tue Sep 15, 2009 @ 02:13PM

Perhaps, the young, absentminded professor is traveling in an inadequate SBB class. To my knowledge, there is no room for boxes under first class seats. However, the latter are regularly warmed by many influential passengers who could have averted the rejection of the grant application. I am convinced that also breakdown of HPLC could be explained by inappropriate traveling behavior - if analyzed in-depth. Parcere humanum est.

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